Ahhh a budding romance...


Thank you SO much for joining this wild ride with us. We appreciate your support immensely and we can't wait to get to work on Season 1!  

This project has been a part of our lives for over a year. It means so much to us to create a high quality show that showcases the talents of dozens of diverse artists coming together to make a direct to consumer show - from us to you. All supporters of the campaign will get to see the final product no matter what! No additional service subscription or pay wall. You helped make it, we want you to see it!


We have a long way to go on this campaign, and a lot of fun stuff coming up for you guys. When we reach $5k and 250 followers, we are going to release our teaser video! Yes, we are teasing a teaser! We also have some specialty perks for our "Serial Daters,"  Or people who donate more than once! 


I'll leave you with one last thing that is very important to me, and a huge driving force in taking the time to raise $35,000 instead of shooting this on my high school DSLR with a bunch of friends in my apartment...


This industry is not representative of the people who consume our content, especially in the rom-com space. We live and breathe inclusion and diversity in every part of our production and part of inclusion is putting mechanisms in place to make sure artists from diverse backgrounds can afford to stay in this industry. At my core, I believe that people should be paid for their time and skill, and as you can see on our campaign page, a huge portion of our budget does just that. Our cast and crew have already given so much of their time to this project, and we want to make sure they can all make rent and feed their dogs by the end of this AND have the resources to do an amazing job. 


Thank you so much for your time and support. It means the world! 




Fishing The Series