Make Your Series!


From now until March 1st we're offering a How-To Guide! For any of you who aspire to be web creators yourselves, or know people who do, we want to help! Our entire team and crew are working in their fields in entertainment and have a wealth of expertise to offer. You'll get an unfiltered look at:

-Agreement templates
-script drafts
-development, grants, and financing process
-pitch decks
-casting process
-production and post process

Plus pro tips from our team members and other successful web creators, and a short consultation on your project when you get going! How often do we get to peak inside a production and ask the questions needed to help us on our next project? Learning from others is what this whole business is based on!

(we'll be doing giveaways on social media this week so stay tuned for more!)

You have one week to take advantage of this deal! And....GO

Fishing The Series