meet the team.

we have great personalities. 

Alicia Carroll (Creator, EP) - Alicia is a writer, producer, theater lover, TEDxspeaker, and recovering moviepass subscriber. She hails from the east coast and still does not understand LA weather or food or traffic, but she's learning.  Alicia holds a B.A. from Emerson College with a focus in producing for television and film. She currently writes for New Form’s Facebook Watch series Text Stories, and assists Erica Shelton Kodish in her overall deal with CBS Television Studios. Alicia advocates for consent-aware entertainment, which she discussed in her 2016 talk at TEDxBeaconstreet in Boston.  In addition to developing her own work, she produces theater with See What Sticks LA., and serves as an ambassador for Ghetto Film School’s Roster program. Alicia is a 2019 Film Independent: Project Involve Fellow and Women In Film: Insight Fellow. 

Chandler Smidt (Writer, Producer) is an LA based writer, constantly avoiding the sun. Hailing from Bellevue, WA with a degree in Screenwriting from Chapman University, she currently works as Showrunner’s Assistant to Jessica Queller on SUPERGIRL. She enjoys avoiding things she should have done weeks ago and pretending to go to the gym.

Adanne Ebo (Producer) a graduate of Spelman College and Northwestern University School of Law, is a producer and content creator. She had one of her earliest bouts with critical thinking when her church dedicated an entire sermon to the “evils” of Harry Potter. She loves dark comedy, animation, sci-fi, and fantasy, and currently works in business affairs at Endeavor Content.  Her passions also include video games, fashion, and anime, along with training to become the Avatar—master of all four elements.

Megan Herring (Producer) Hailing from the wilderness of Montana, Megan is a young independent producer who drinks too much coffee and works for the head of production at Circle of Confusion. Whilst learning from one of the most respected producer's in the biz she also crews on a dive (SCUBA) boat and snacks on the occasional burrito. She made her start in the film industry working on set as an Assistant Director/UPM while attending the University of Southern California. Her resume includes positions at Bad Hat Harry, Good Universe, Abrams Artists Agency, Magnolia Entertainment, and now Circle of Confusion where she is honing her craft and learning from some of Hollywood's best and brightest. She's incredibly honored to be bringing YOU a story of love, triumph, and betrayal. 

Sarah Weber (Line Producer) grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley, and had a slight irrational fear of technology and the internet until the end of high school. This last year, she was a bridesmaid for one of her best friends who met her husband on Tinder (Sarah was there when they matched). She currently works as a production coordinator on CNBC's The Profit. Her past credits include WAGs LA (E!), WAGs Miami (E!), The Partner (CNBC), and E! Live From the Red Carpet. 

Rachel Borders (Director)  is a writer and director based in Los Angeles. She recently co-wrote an episode of the new FOX legal drama Proven Innocent. Before this, she was staffed as a Story Editor on the final season of DirecTV’s Rogue. She's also worked as the Writers’ Assistant on NBC’s Chicago Justice and CW’s Life Sentence.  Rachel’s short film This Remains, starring Sosie Bacon (13 Reasons Why), was recently selected as one of six films in the Soho House Short Film Series. Originally from Chicago, Rachel attended Brown University where she received a dual degree in Literary Arts & Psychology.  A graduate of both UCB and Groundlings, she performs musical and long-form improv around Los Angeles.

Adamma Ebo is a graduate of Spelman College, and fellowship recipient to UCLA’s school of Theater, Film, and Television, graduating with her MFA in Directing & Production in 2018.  Adamma was a screenwriting finalist at the Atlanta Film Festival for her short script Honk For Jesus, Save Your Soul, which recently landed her a Sundance Screenwriting Fellowship. Her animated comedy pilot , SupaShawty Girls, Funkadelic RoboMagic BangBang was also a finalist in the Scriptapalooza TV Writing CompetitionAdamma is from Atlanta, Georgia and now lives in Los Angeles  as a showrunner's assistant for an upcoming Amazon horror series. Her passions outside of filmmaking include video games, fashion, anime, and naps.

Alisyn Ghivizzani grew up in the great, mosquito-ridden state of Florida—bless her heart—where she obtained a useless degree in painting and such from the University of Florida, a school with more alligators than art majors. After a brief stint of graphic designing from behind a very orange cubicle, she packed up and drove 3,000 miles in her tiny blue car to give college the good ol’ redo and earned an MFA in Film Production and Directing from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Since then, Alisyn has taken to directing comedies, assistant directing directors who direct comedies, and producing anything that means she gets to travel. Most recently she produced the international feature documentary, Waterschool, and the last two seasons of The Amazing Race. Alisyn has more plants than friends, will have a different haircut every time you see her, and is jazzed to be apart of this project. 

Sierra Padilla Huitt started her career in film as a Production Coordinator at a small commercial production house in Portland, Oregon. She later joined a larger creative agency to stretch her legs on more expansive productions for clients like adidas, Mirth Provisions and Sartori Cheese. The exposure to kickass creative led Sierra to turn her focus from shoot logistics to creating her own content. In 2018, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue more narrative filmmaking. Since moving, Sierra has directed a short film called 4:55, an episode of an upcoming web series called You & I, and worked in the writers’ room of CBS’ The Red Line as a Showrunner’s Assistant.

Cass Vogel is a Baltimore born, LA based director and writer. She studied Film Production at Emerson College in Boston where she directed several projects, including her Capstone film, Half Shell, and the web series High, Hello. After moving to LA in 2017, she trained at Anthem Films, assisting on production of music videos for Lupe Fiasco, Beth Ditto, and more. She has since worked on productions for Anthem Films, Eli Roth’s Crypt TV, and Buzzfeed. Cass currently works as a production PA on daytime talk show, The Real, and works part time as a baker at Donut Friend in Highland Park. She also spent the last year working diligently on her first post-grad short, Killer Spirit, a horror comedy about two murderous high school cheerleaders. When she's not working, (which is almost never), Cass can be found reading true crime, refreshing Pitchfork for the latest album reviews, or baking bread for instagram.

Lauren Bradley (Writer, Dani) - hails from the great state of Texas and has been acting and writing her whole life. As a child, her dad would call out emotions, and Lauren would throw herself into them full force until she was given the next one. After a brief foray into journalism in college, Lauren moved out to LA with stars in her eyes. Since then, she's worked both as a writer and an actor, with her most recent work being Spirit Riding Free for Dreamworks/Netflix. Her hobbies include crafting, doggos, queso and Disneyland. The stars are still in her eyes. 

Justin Cordua (Writer)  is a cable-knit sweater cursed to walk the Earth forever posing as a human man. He went to Emerson College in Boston, MA, where he wrote for a bunch of shows and repeatedly fell asleep on public transit. Currently he works at Hungry Man Productions in Culver City, making commercials and explaining to confused callers that a different company is responsible for the feather in their TV dinner. His most recent project is talking his roommates into getting plants for the apartment, because he really thinks it would help with the whole vibe.  

David Carliner (Writer) graduated from Emerson College in 2017 and moved west where he splits his time between comedy and knitting. He is the author of Gay By May, a small book that isn’t available anywhere now but that does exist. He’s a lifetime Scorpio but only recently began identifying with his sign. David lives in the woods and only comes out to charge his phone and stock up on pita chips. 

Haley Shepherd (Casting) -  A lover of bowling shirts with a hatred for bowling, Haley is your local crotchety grandma. She works in television casting by day, but by night she's either finishing her latest jigsaw puzzle or reading library books and sucking on hard candies in the rocking chair she refurbished. All of these are true. Haley also likes to go camping, when not reminiscing on a supposed past-life on the Oregon Trail. Her cat has 200% more personality than she does. 

Silvia Lara (Cinematographer)  is a filmmaker born in Mexico and raised back and forth in both Mexico and Los Angeles.  Her complete body of work includes music video, documentary, commercial and experimental projects in a variety of formats including 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film. She holds an associate’s degree in English & Literature and a bachelor’s degree in film from UCLA, specializing in cinematography and was a Cinematography Fellow at the world renowned American Film Institute Conservatory in Hollywood, Ca. 

Brionna Rowe (Costume Designer) is an aspiring IATSE Local 705 costumer from the DMV area. She got her start in college working as a wardrobe intern on two CBS productions. She has two degrees; one in Fashion Design and another in Costume Design for TV & Film from FIDM in Los Angeles, CA. She currently lives in LA working on productions in their costume departments.

María Alejandra Lasalle (Editor) is a Los Angeles based video editor originally from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. After interning at DreamWorks Animation during her final semester at Emerson College, she followed her love of animation working as an Assistant Editor on the TBS animated series Final Space, and is currently working on the show’s second season. She’s also delved into the live-action scene through documentaries such as: Imagining a Better World and Shadow ManThe Sammy Nestico Story. She has also recently worked as a VFX Editor on STX Films/Huayi Brothers' Mile 22.  Her experience also includes editing several short films, music videos, reels, radio plays, and podcasts. When she’s not pushing buttons, she enjoys watching Monty Python clips and partaking in casual sarcasm.

Illisa Greenberg (Editor) is an aspiring television drama editor. She is currently a Post PA on the FOX show Ghosted, and before this was a Post PA on a few films. She worked as an editor on the first season of the web series Twenty, and is currently working on the second season. She's also cut a multitude of short films, news segments, music shorts, and reels. Her true passion is eating poke bowls.